Official (and belated) Welcome to our New Team Member

You’ve probably already worked directly with Stephen Bolus. If not, he’s likely worked on your projects behind the scenes over the last several months.

2016 flew by for us, and now that we’re well into 2017 we thought we should officially introduce you to the newest member of our team before his one-year anniversary hits this summer.

We’re lucky to have Stephen Bolus in our group. Between his shining creativity and technical acumen, he helps our print and digital projects come to life and he’s become an indispensable part of the ChampCohen team.

Find out a little more about Stephen at our about us page and at his linkedin profile.

Know Your Sheet

Know Your Sheet thumbnailFor years there’s been debate in our industry about the future of print. With the seemingly endless emergence of digital distribution platforms, many have speculated that printed media is on its way out. The truth is that there’s still a demand for printed sheets, catalogs, folders, brochures and posters, and for the paper on which all that ink is printed.

Our clients frequently ask us about the sizes for their printed collateral. While it’s usually assumed that most pieces designed for North America will trim or fold to letter size (8.5″W x 11″H) and an International piece to A4 (210 mm W x 297 mm H), there are several other standard sizes used in our industry. We’ll typically design folders or brochures with pockets to fold down to a size slightly larger than the US letter or A4 pieces placed within them so that those internal sheets or brochures don’t jut out the top or sides (but that’s a story for a future post on folds and folders).

For now, feel free to DOWNLOAD OUR HANDY REFERENCE PDF showing several standard North American and International sheet sizes for print (by the way, the pdf is designed on a letter-sized page). Page 2 has tables with a complete list of North American loose, ANSI, and International ISO “A” size sheets for printing. We hope you find it helpful when planning your next project, or when that next trade show spec sheet indicates that you need a 4A0 poster for the exhibit hall.

Happy New Year and New Website!

Happy 2017 Group ShotWe made a resolution for 2017 to do a better job of staying in touch with our friends and associates. The first step was to redesign our site over the holiday break.

2017 is finally here and we’ve launched our new website and its updated blog section. Contact us to reconnect, or just keep an eye out for periodic posts and updates. More news is coming in February.

The ChampCohen Team

ChampCohen Celebrates its 35th Anniversary!

CCDA35dIn 1981 John Champ left an agency art director position to form his own design firm so he could provide superior service to local clients and help their companies grow from small startups into large organizations with international reach.

In 1992 Randall Cohen headed his own design company and began collaborating with John on different client campaigns, officially coming on board as creative director in 1994. By 2000 they joined their names into ChampCohen Design Associates and we’ve been going strong ever since.

Jo-Lin Govek joined the team in 2002 from her agency position in Orange County. She brought with her a level of design expertise and service that elevated our standards, and she quickly came to head up many of our larger accounts.

Nick Kass joined the group ten years later in 2012 from his in-house position at a San Francisco medical device company. He brought with him a wealth of medical marketing experience and his keen eye for detail and design.

For years John, Randy, Jo and Nick have been working as the core team of ChampCohen. This year we’re happy to bring on our newest team member, Stephen Bolus who helps us round out our capabilities with his design and technical expertise.35thIMG_3934cropMed

Through our 35 years we’ve remained passionate about advertising and design, and we enjoy finding creative marketing solutions for our clients as media platforms and technologies evolve. Many of our clients have been with us since the beginning through their own transitions, company mergers, growth and rebrands.

Today we toast our success and celebrate 35 years working with fantastic companies and people around the world. And as always, we look forward to working together for many more years to come.


TD Ameritrade Keynote Presentation

Many inhouse and agency presentation designers think of PowerPoint as a simple slideshow-building tool with layouts limited to a few bullet points and maybe a chart or two.

Did you know that there are robust animation and transition tools available in the software? ChampCohen does. And we took full advantage of those tools to create TD Ameritrade’s Keynote Presentation for the opening of the Financial Planners Association (FPA) 2015 Conference in Boston.


Working directly with the company director and presenter, ChampCohen brought in financial-services investment management communications consultant Amy Zimmerman to create a compelling script about company performance through efficiency.

The next time you want to dazzle your audience, turn to ChampCohen Design Associates and we’ll create a custom presentation that speaks directly to your topics without those boring bullet points.

The Battle of Midway Theater is Now Open!

Our Jo-Lin, recently attended the premiere of our longtime client’s newest attraction! Find more information on the USS Midway Museum site.

Midway Currents Grabs International Award

midway6Good news for our client the USS Midway Museum! The quarterly magazine we design, Midway Currents, took a Silver Medal in the League of American Communication Professionals (LACP) annual Spotlight Awards Global Communications Competition this year!

“The Winter 2013 issue got 97 points out of 100 as judged by communication professionals that span a broad spectrum of PR functions in Fortune 500 companies affiliated with LACP,” said Jill Hammons the Museum’s Membership Director.

“The production value of this work is particularly strong. It’s clear that a lot of time and effort was invested in developing the most polished materials possible.”

— Judge at the LACP Annual Spotlight Awards Global Communications Competition.

LACP Managing Director Christine Kennedy said “The visual design presented by Midway Currents is exceptional, tied with a level of creativity that is superb.” Thanks to the leadership and design talent of our Jo-Lin Govek for her outstanding work on this quarterly publication, and for making our client shine!











Welcome New CCDA Team Member!

Nick KassYou may have already worked directly with our new designer, or you may have seen his name cc’d on our emails last year. As it’s been nearly 6 months since he started working with us, we figure it’s about time to officially introduce Nicholas Kass as the newest ChampCohen Design Associates team member!

Nick came to us in June 2012 from a bay-area device company’s inhouse marketing group. His creativity, experience and drive are excellent complements to our group and we’re fortunate to collaborate with him on your projects

You can see a brief on Nick at our about us page and find out more about him on his linkedin profile.

AlphatecSpine at NASS 2012

A little late in coming, but happy to share this one from late 2012. AlphatecSpine approached ChampCohen to come in to help brand a new product group and to produce a video to loop at 1080p on a 70″ HD screen in their upcoming exhibit reception area. Within a compressed timeline we worked with our post-production team to create a stunning presentation utilizing provided still photos, animated footage, and our newly-created sequences. We burned the new footage to Blu-ray discs, helped organize the equipment purchase, and had it all out the door and ready to play in Texas the day before the show. You can view an excerpt from that video by clicking on the thumbnail above. Our client’s text message from the show was a nice testament to the fast turnaround and hard work we put into this one– “Got them, played them, look great. Resolution is awesome. Thanks everyone for busting your b-lls to get this done. Puts the finishing touches on…”

VIDEO: Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of the year again.
Happy holidays to our clients, vendors, friends and family! May the new year bring you health, happiness, and good fortune.

From our workshop to yours.